About the game

The gaming platform includes exciting mechanisms with the ability to mine NEON regularly and unlimitedly.

NEON is Neon Earth's in-game currency

Neonbox is a box from which you get valuable NFTs

100% of NEON from ALL Neonbox discoveries is distributed among ALL platform participants!

Collect NFTs

25% - NFT holders

Invite friends

30% - affiliate program

Hold the $NEARTH token

25% - $NEARTH holders

Play and win

20% - games and promotions

Your game starts right now!

Choose your own path or use all possible paths for maximum NEON production!

Lords of the NFT

Lords of the NFT

By collecting the rarest cards, they increase their power in Neon Earth.

Depending on the power, the NFT Lords share 25% of all bonus NEONs among themselves.

To become the most powerful NFT Sovereign, it is necessary to possess NFTs of the rarest classes and highest levels. More power - more NEON takes the Lord.

Clan leaders

Clan leaders

They came to this world to create their own clans and become devoted followers of Neon Earth. For the formation of a clan, a reward of 30% in NEON bonuses is provided.

The clan leader receives a reward from three levels of depth for opening the Neonbox of his troops:
Level 1 10%
Level 2 10%
Level 3 10%

To become a Clan Leader, you need to collect NFTs of five different classes (common, rare, epic, legendary, neon) and invite new players to your clan.

In order for a new player to join a clan, it is necessary to receive a personal invitation from the clan leader in the form of a referral link.

Neon warriors

Neon warriors

They came to this world to win and are called to fight in the collectible card game Neon Earth.

They are always worthy of the first places and take a reward depending on their place in the Top Ranking table.

To become a Neon Warrior, you need to collect a combat deck of cards from a hero and 9 monsters and go into battle. And to become the best Neon Warrior, you need to pick up the most powerful weapon, and do not forget to improve your monsters.

May the force be with you, Neon Warrior!

Guardians of Neon Earth

Guardians of Neon Earth

They are constantly guarding the order of the holy grail of Neon Earth - the NEARTH token, namely, they are its holder, receiving 25% of all bonus NEON for this

Becoming a keeper is not easy: you need to have secret knowledge in order to understand the meaning of such words as “metamask”, “DEX”, “Pancakeswap”, etc., and also be able to use this knowledge for its intended purpose.

The keeper needs to go to Pancakeswap, acquire NEARTH, protect and store it as the most precious resource.

Collection Hunters

Collection Hunters

They are engaged in collecting collections and receive a reward if they have collected the necessary cards and a given combination before others.

Becoming a collection hunter is easy, just keep your eyes open, watch the game on all social networks and collect codes to know which cards and combinations are suitable to activate the collection.

The necessary cards can be obtained by opening Neonbox.

Play and earn!


There is no need to understand crypto wallets and DeFi. Anyone can start!


All 100% distribution operations are displayed in the Personal Account


Top up your account in a convenient way for you and get maximum bonuses


We use modern technologies to protect our users' data

Road map

  • Project concept description
  • Character creation
  • Design, images, game content
  • Website development
  • Community building on social networks
  • Airdrop on social networks
Stage 1 (Q2-Q3 - 2021)
  • First round of $NEARTH token sale
  • Affiliate program launch
  • Game mechanics description
  • Partnerships with game studios
  • Partners and influencers involvement
  • Beta launch
Stage 2 (Q4 - 2021)
  • The second round of sales of the $NEARTH token
  • Public Sale
  • Open sale of NFTs
  • Changing the reward system in the metaverse
  • Launching a full version of the game using NFT
  • Expanding partnerships and collaborations
Stage 3 (Q1-Q2 - 2022)
  • Launching the game on Android and iOS
  • Mass advertising campaign, marketing
  • Launch of Grand Prix Tournaments
  • Launch of advertising platforms in tournaments
  • Listing of the NEARTH token on exchanges
Stage 4 (Q3-Q4 - 2022)
  • Launch of online championships and streams
  • Launch of the production of souvenirs and merchandise
  • Conducting offline events
Stage 5 (2023)


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