In the past, the cutest "sea unicorns" after the disaster turned into ruthless killers who constantly are in search of any prey! Narwhals are giant sea monsters 4.5 meters long and weighing 1.5 tons.

By the way, the famous narwhal horn is actually the upper left tooth, which grows into a tusk up to 2-3 meters. After disasters, narwhals practically did not change in appearance, but became 100% carnivorous, since most of the living organisms in their habitats became extinct. They live in the waters of the icy desert. They spend most of their lives underwater, but can easily break the ice surface with their horn. So, always look at the surface of the ice and immediately run, if you see a dark shadow beneath you.

If you do find yourself in the water with the narwhal, try to stay exactly ahead: the eyes of the animal are on the sides and do not see what is directly in front of the narwhal.