Coelacanths are not just giant fish. These are cruel and merciless monsters who will stop at nothing, to catch and devour your prey. They grow to almost 2 meters in length and weigh at least 100 kg. Coelacanth live on Earth for more than 400 million years and believe me, during this time they have learned to perfectly adapt to changes on the planet!

The first thing these fish did after the disaster was to learn to hunt not only at depth, but also on the surface. For this they have grown special limbs that are awkwardly located on the sides of their large scaly bodies. The only weakness of the Latimeria is that they are blind, since they lived at great depths for a long time. But these fish are sensitive feel the victim and attack quickly. They can tear you to pieces in a split second, leaving only bits of bone and bits of still bleeding flesh.

Few people manage to escape from these fast and bloodthirsty monsters. Therefore, if you see coelacanth, which heading in your direction, rather run or swim away!