Even before the disaster, Box Jellyfish were the largest jellyfish in the world. Now they have become even larger, and their tentacles glow with neon light.

The box jellyfish has primitive digestive and sensory organs that have mutated since the disaster. Jellyfish do not just kill their prey: they wrap their tentacles around it and gradually digest it, “sucking” it right into their jelly-like body. The victim dies within 2 to 15 minutes from severe pain shock or cardiac arrest. The touch of the tentacles of such jellyfish is fatal to any living creature. There are thin threads between the tentacles, which act as a strangulation wire.

Of course, there is a chance to stay alive after meeting the Box Jellyfish. To do this, try to avoid the touch of her tentacles and the fine filaments between them. By the way, if you touch the “hat”, it's okay. will happen. You can even pet a jellyfish. Just be careful!