Martialis is one of the oldest animals on Earth, it appeared from 100 to 120 million years ago. These are ants sandy yellow, which merge with the sand and attack the victim at the most unexpected moment. After the disaster these ants have grown dramatically: in size they reach the size of an adult shepherd dog and weigh at least 70 kilograms.

They live deep underground and get out into the world only to feast on the vital juices of fresh flesh, they especially love blood. Such ants feed through a special proboscis, which sucks the life out of the victim up to the last drop. Martialis do not have eyes, but nature has endowed them with numerous hair-like protrusions on the body, which help to sense vibration and pressure changes in the surrounding soil. This is how Martialis understands that the victim is near.

One such ant can completely bleed three adults in one meal. They're pretty easy to scare off. with a very loud sound or destroy it in the head.

Be careful while walking in the Neon Desert!