About the game

The main game of Neon Earth is a strategy collectible card game

Collecting decks of cards and expanding the collection of NFT Neon Earth, you get new game opportunities and combinations within the game.

⭐ Neon Earth players can fight in two modes:

1) PvP (player versus player)
2) PvE (player versus AI)

⚔ PvP mode

PvP mode is a battle with other real players in Neon Earth.
In order to participate in tournaments, you must assemble a NFT deck of at least 10 cards, and one of them must be an NFT hero. The additional NFT of the weapon is a strengthening of the hero and provides an additional advantage in combat.

Battle payment system

You can conduct an unlimited number of battles per day using Neon energy.
If after the battle there is not enough Neon energy, you will need to either purchase it or wait until it recharges. Depending on the level of your cards, the Neon energy consumption and recharge time will increase.
You can purchase neon energy with the in-game currency NEON.
Also, for the battles you complete, you get Fusion Crystals, which are used to improve the NFT.

⚔ PvE mode

Play against AI, hone your skills, test combat strategies and get random rewards in the form of Fusion Crystals. At the same time, there is no consumption of Neon-energy.