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Welcome to Neon Earth!
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About Neon Earth

Neon Earth is a metaverse that allows everyone to master the market, earn with DeFi and NFT, play and discover endless possibilities!

Now everything starts with one planet and 4 heroes, but these are only the first steps.
The universe will expand endlessly, and we will discover new planets and worlds with legendary heroes!

It will create games, films, books, comics, real toys, printed merchandise and much more.

Neon Earth is not just a token or a game, but a whole world: from the first version of the planet Neon Earth to a global brand.

Choose your world and hero or collect them all!
Play and earn with Neon Earth!

In the Neon Earth universe, you can:

  • buy heroes and participate in tournaments
  • improve your heroes by purchasing equipment, weapons, etc.
  • buy land, lease it and make a profit from each tournament held on it
  • equip lands to increase the number of games played on the day, increasing the attractiveness for players
  • unite in teams to participate in team tournaments
  • receive passive income from pharming and staking
  • buy collectible NFTs with heroes, lands, weapons and monsters
  • get profit from participating in the affiliate program

We offer opportunities

The Neon Earth metauniverse gives every player the opportunity to earn money, regardless of their level, age, gender and occupation.

  • If you want to play, take part in battles and earn
  • if you are an investor - use farming and staking and get profit
  • if you are a businessman - lease land and monetize it
  • if you are a blogger, opinion leader - use the opportunities of the affiliate program!
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    Affiliate program

    Get paid for the affiliate program

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    Earn money buying and selling NFTs in the Marketplace

  • cases


    Receive dividends from the company's products

  • games


    Play games and earn real income

  • developer_board


    Earn money on farming and staking

  • language


    Rent out land and increase your profits


Patience, perseverance, and diligence are the perfect combination for success.

Napoleon Hill

Affiliate program


For land owners

The most successful people are those who do what they love!

Warren Buffett

Road map

Stage 1 (Q2-Q3 - 2021)

  • Project concept description
  • Character creation
  • Design, images, game content
  • Website development
  • Community building on social networks
  • Airdrop on social networks

Stage 2 (Q4 - 2021)

  • Launch of NEARTH token sales
  • Affiliate program launch
  • Airdrop for affiliate program
  • Partners and influencers involvement
  • Advertising campaign, marketing
  • Cooperation with foundations
  • Game mechanics description
  • Partnerships with game studios

Stage 3 (Q1 - 2022)

  • Public sale
  • Smart contracts audit
  • Heroes open sale
  • Lands open sale
  • Heroes equipment sale
  • Coingecko and Coinmarketcap
  • Farming and staking launch
  • NFT marketplace launch

Stage 4 (Q2 - 2022)

  • Beta launch
  • Game testing airdrop
  • Mass advertising campaign, marketing
  • Singles tournaments and leagues launch
  • Accrual of profits from tournaments to land owners

Stage 5 (Q3-Q4 - 2022)

  • Android and iOS apps launch
  • Team tournaments launch
  • Auction of rare items and trophies
  • Redemption of items from players

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Chief Executive Officer, Founder
Chief Narrative Designer
Product Designer
Chief Editor
Chief Promoter
Product Illustrator

There is a company behind every share. Find out how she's doing!

Peter Lynch

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