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About the metaverse Neon Earth


Neon Earth allows you to earn with DeFi and NFT, play and discover new endless possibilities!
Using innovative tokenomics, combining the best of the DeFi, GameFi and NFT space, Neon Earth creates a truly unique and long-term project.

The universe will expand endlessly, and we will discover new planets and worlds with legendary heroes! It will create games, films, books, comics, real toys and much more.

Neon Earth aims to be the # 1 GameFi metaverse! We are committed to making the BSC GameFi space fun and profitable by making it easier to understand the market and make a profit for ALL project participants. Neon Earth is not just a token or a game, it is a whole world: from the first version of the planet and heroes to a global brand.

Play and earn with Neon Earth!

Token $ NEARTH

The NEARTH token is a governance token in the Neon Earth metaverse
It is used in the main game, mini-games, farming, mining and much more, including as a reward in the affiliate program!

NEARTH token application
  • For the formation of farming pools
  • Farming Award
  • For trading on DEX platforms
  • NFT Mining Award
  • Affiliate Program Reward
  • Random rewards and ranking rewards in the base game
  • To buy tickets for mini games
  • To merge and level up NFTs
  • To buy Neon energy in the main game
Ways to get NEARTH token
  • Buying NEARTH on DEX platforms
  • NFT Mining Award
  • Farming Award
  • Random rewards and ranking rewards in the base game
  • Reward from mining of attracted partners in the affiliate program

$NEARTH Token Distribution

We offer opportunities

The Neon Earth metauniverse gives everyone the opportunity to earn money, regardless of their nationality, social level, age, gender and occupation.

  • if you prefer to play - participate in battles, improve your NFTs, have fun and earn money
  • if you are an investor - use farming and NFT mining and get passive income
  • if you are an opinion leader, blogger - hold sweepstakes, create cool content and use the capabilities of the affiliate program
  • if you are a blogger, opinion leader - use the opportunities of the affiliate program!
  • if you are a game developer, artist, designer, writer - join the team and expand the Neon Earth metauniverse with us
  • if you are a businessman - make money by buying and selling NFT in the Neon Market
  • cases


    Get passive income from mining

  • developer_board


    Earn money on farming and staking

  • image


    Earn money buying and selling NFTs in the Marketplace

  • games


    Play games and earn real income

  • groups

    Affiliate program

    Get paid for the affiliate program

  • language

    Expansion of the metaverse

    Unleash your creativity and become part of the metaverse

Patience, perseverance, and diligence are the perfect combination for success.

Napoleon Hill

Road map

Stage 1 (Q2-Q3 - 2021)

  • Project concept description
  • Character creation
  • Design, images, game content
  • Website development
  • Community building on social networks
  • Airdrop on social networks

Stage 2 (Q4 - 2021)

  • First round of $NEARTH token sale
  • Affiliate program launch
  • Game mechanics description
  • Partnerships with game studios
  • Partners and influencers involvement
  • Beta launch

Stage 3 (Q1-Q2 - 2022)

  • The second round of sales of the $NEARTH token
  • Game testing airdrop
  • Creation of promotional materials for promotion
  • Open sale of unique NFTs
  • Public Sale
  • Launch of farming and mining
  • Coingecko and Coinmarketcap and others
  • Cooperation with foundations
  • Mass advertising campaign, marketing
  • Launch Neon Security
  • Launching the combat version of the game
  • Mass advertising campaign, marketing
  • NFT marketplace launch
  • Auction of rare items and trophies

Stage 4 (Q3-Q4 - 2022)

  • Launch DAO
  • Lands open sale
  • Android and iOS apps launch
  • Team tournaments launch

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CTO, Founder
Telegram: @chumakov_o
LinkedIn: oleg-chumakov
CEO, Founder
Telegram: @nikonorov_rd
LinkedIn: ruslan-nikonorov
Chief Promoter
Telegram: @DaryMilk
Chief Narrative Designer
Telegram: @TonnyMakaronni
Community Manager
Telegram: @alexisscale
Community Manager
Telegram: @D0EDEER
Chief Editor
Product Designer
Social Media Manager
Chief Product Illustrator
Product Illustrator
DeFi/GameFi Expert
Product Illustrator
Blockchain Developer
Product Illustrator
Crypto Expert


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